Training is so much more than simply a piece of paper at the end of the day, it is about imparting knowledge and skills which are embedded into the competence, confidence, actions and behaviours of people.

Important Notice

In light of the Coronavirus pandemic, we felt it is very important to communicate how we are operating during this time. We are anticipating no major interruptions in our world class service to our clients, and is business as usual. In these uncertain times, we want to ensure that our clients understand that our team is fully committed to providing the services that we are so well known for.


Jarah Corporate Pty Ltd is a premier specialist consultancy firm dedicated to raising industry standards of risk management, training and WHS across the resources, construction, processing and government sectors. The team at Jarah are passionate about putting people first so companies can thrive; by providing innovative, engaging and empowering solutions across the spectrum of issues related to safety, training and risk management.

We are renowned for our capability, flexibility, innovation and high quality products, services and personnel.

Our Services

Our highly energetic and enthusiastic team thrive on helping clients achieve their goals whilst enjoying what we do, each and every day. Our team of industry and technical experts regularly support clients across the globe, delivering our solutions & experience in a sustainable, robust and professional manner.

Jarah Corporate is a collective of professionals, who have always been and continues to remain, wholly customer focused. Providing effective business solutions through a partnering approach based on innovation and independence of thought, but not intrusion.

Choosing the right services partner for your business can get overwhelming. Contact us to get the Service Information Kit, to get a breakdown of our services to help make the right choice for you and your business.

"... AB is my go-to guy for anything related to safety, training, systems, risk management and business planning. There is no one else in my experience who does what AB does in the effective way that he does it ... "
Justin May
Safety & Risk Specialist | Glencore Copper

" ... In terms of safety and risk management – his knowledge, approach and application is of the highest standard and provides for a real-world approach for the implementation and maintenance of risk and safety systems ... "

Natalie Dray
Site Systems Specialist | BMA Infrastructure & Asset Management