Why Jarah?

Why choose Jarah Corporate?

Jarah Corporate is a national and international leader in the provision of training, professional resources, risk management, health & safety management and incident investigation services.

Our aim is to help our clients achieve their organisational and operational goals whilst keeping their people safe.

We do this by:

  • Providing customised, innovative and relevant solutions;
  • Cross pollinating best practices across multiple industries;
  • Mobilising quickly to address immediate needs and overcome organisational challenges; and
  • Providing robust, sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions that make us obsolete once embedded;

From our Brisbane head office, we are ready and able to service clients across the globe. From exploration, civil construction, mining operations, processing through to rail & port operations, Jarah Corporate is primed to provide robust, sustainable, flexible and innovative solutions to fit the needs of individual clients.


“ I have had the pleasure of knowing Anthony Beasley for many years, during which time he has supported my need for meeting legislative compliance and numerous technical disciplines, across two countries, within two industries, Mining & Quarrying.

I initially worked with AB whilst I was with John Holland Mining. AB and his team worked with the mine management team to facilitate all of the legislated risk assessments, develop and implement the entire Safety & Health Management System. Undertake all equipment training, company inductions, emergency response planning, composing Standard Operating Procedures, and supervisor training.

Since then I have moved to New Zealand as the SH&T Manager for Kaipara (NZ’s largest Quarry operator) – I’ve engaged Anthony to facilitate numerous training programs that are AS/NZ recognised, eg Risk Management, safety, supervisory responsibilities &  obligations, team building, communications, instructional training & assessment and much more – where he has continually  provided a  genuine quality service as well as provide numerous innovative solutions to our needs.

I cannot recommend AB and his team highly enough – they have always exceeded my expectations in delivering exceptional service outcomes. ”

Linda Lloyd
Safety, Health & Training Manager | Kaipara Quarries (NZ)

“ I have had the unique perspective of working with Anthony (AB) Beasley as both a client for two different operations, as well as a team member working with him.

My initial experience was working with him and his team whilst I was the Safety Manager at OM Manganese Boot Creek Mine – where his team developed our complete Safety & Health Management System based on a series of high level risk assessments and a great deal of consultation and collaboration with the workforce stakeholders.

I was so impressed with my experience of he and his team providing services to me, that when a change of circumstances occurred, I eagerly took up the offer to the work with him as a member of his own team – and was engaged to support his clients across a number of different Surface & Underground Mines, significant high dollar value construction projects and Port operations for a period of 6 years.

When I took up a new role (due to relocation) in Darwin, I was again pleased to be able to engage him to assist us with the development of an exceptional Supervisor Development program covering aspect of risk management, incident investigation, behaviour based safety, legal obligations, team work and communications.

I am very pleased to be able to recommend Anthony and his team to anyone that has needs in relation to engaging the services of a consummate professional whom goes above and beyond all expectations in the delivery of service excellence. ”

Glen O’Brien
Safety Manager | Darwin Port

“ I was fortunate enough to attend a training program led by Anthony Beasley on the topic of Risk Mgt Systems (G3) and Safety Mgt Systems (G7).

The very hands-on approach that Anthony employed in the facilitation of the program, was not only refreshing and welcome, but it made these Advanced Diploma unit programs easy to understand and then take the knowledge gained in the class-room into practical application back on the mine site.

His knowledge, experience and expertise came through clearly during the programs as he shared many valuable lessons with the group.  The use of game-based learning to run through otherwise ‘dry’ topics showed a great deal of subject matter comfort and innovation.

AB provides a unique and valuable learning experience in all training programs that he runs and I have no hesitation in recommending him to anyone. ”

Ian Wlodarczak
Mining & Project Manager | Thiess operations, BMA Caval Ridge Mine

“ Anthony Beasley or better known to most as “AB” was highly influential in my decision to follow a dream and change my career.

After undertaking my Cert IV TAE training with him, and seeing first-hand how the typical experience for training can be so much more through effective engagement, empowerment, enthusiasm and bringing a bit of magic to the class room; I stayed in contact with AB and sought his advice re my career change and leaving the security of my trade and working with Brisbane City Council – and now couldn’t be happier with my role which involves the training of others in core work and life skills. And I’m proud of the fact that I use many of the techniques that I learnt and experienced first-hand in that initial training program with AB so long ago.

If you want someone who genuinely cares about the quality of training outcomes and the application of those skills to greatest impact for his students, then AB is your man.  A step above the rest, he has to be hands-down, one of the best trainers around. ”

Luke Smith
Ex Brisbane City Council, now Work Skills (Australia)

“ I have had the distinct pleasure in working with Anthony and his team at Jarah on a number of occasions over the past two years; with each engagement proving highly successful and receiving praise in turn from my own clients.

The services that I have engaged the Jarah team for include deep dive & legal privilege WHS investigations for major federal infrastructure projects, preparation of legal based reports, WHS inspections & reporting, coaching & mentoring of client executive teams and development of risk based compliant Safety & Health Management Systems. In all cases Anthony handled these interactions with skill, professionalism and care.

I highly recommend Anthony and the Jarah team to all for their expertise and willingness to exceed expectations. ”

Anthony Aarons
CEO | Synergy Risk & Epifini

“ Anthony Beasley is one of the most engaging, dynamic and professional training and safety specialists that I have had the pleasure of working with within the mining sector (and prior to that during my time at Isaac Regional Council, where I also worked with him).

As a service provider, Anthony (or AB as most people know him) brings a very broad range and wealth of high calibre experience, expertise and wisdom to all engagements.

As a trainer, AB has a solely unique approach to the preparation, facilitation and follow up to all training events; with just the right degree of challenge, he ensures that the training is memorable, credible, worthwhile and always contextualised to the needs of the group and business.

In terms of safety and risk management – his knowledge, approach and application is of the highest standard and provides for a real-world approach for the implementation and maintenance of risk and safety systems.

I highly regard Anthony, and as such have no hesitation in recommending Anthony and his team to all. ”

Natalie Dray
Site Systems Specialist | BMA Infrastructure & Asset Management

“ I have had the distinct pleasure of working with Anthony Beasley ‘AB’ over the past few years in various capacities from engaging him to provide me with site based support staff (Training & Safety Coordinators), the conduct of audits and WHS inspections, the facilitation of risk assessments over a broad range of topics, the development of Health, Safety and Training Management Systems, training an entire organisation of over 400 staff in their legal obligations un WHS to most recently him facilitating a strategic business planning workshop for Glencore Copper & Ports operations (Townsville).

The degree of professionalism, expertise, knowledge and energy that Anthony (and his team) bring to each and every assignment is second to none, and sets a high standard benchmark for other service providers and consultants.

In my career I’ve held senior roles in mining (coal & metalliferous), local government, refinery operation and manufacturing – and AB is my go-to guy for anything related to safety, training, systems, risk management and business planning. There is no one else in my experience who does what AB does in the effective way that he does it!

I am very happy to recommend him as a professional of the highest degree. ”

Justin May
Safety & Risk Specialist | Glencore Copper

“ Anthony Beasley and his team have provided services to me in my capacity as the HS&T Manager for Thiess at Curragh North Mine through the provision of a site based Training Coordinator resource for a period of 6 months, as well as the facilitation of RIIRIS601D (G3) and RIIWHS601D (G7) training programs.

His team are a credit to him and reflect his ability to provide credible, competent and professional resources to bolster any site based operational team. In our instance, this included the preparation of our Training Needs Analysis, internal auditing and clean-up of safety and training records and development of internal SOP and Supervisor training programs.

The G3 & G7 training was fantastic – the minimal ‘chalk & talk’ and greater focus on hands-on practical experiential learning was refreshing, relieving and very welcome! The manner in which Anthony (AB) kept the group on-task, focused, enthused and engaged was of the highest calibre.

If you need credible site resources or training that makes a memorable and lasting difference, then you must contact Anthony and allow him to present a credible and innovative solution to you. I highly recommend him and his team. ”

Kelly Seymour
Previous HS&T Manager | Thiess, Curragh North Mine