Safety & Health Management Systems (SHMS)

A Safety and Health Management system (SHMS) is required to be a dynamic system that when developed and implemented, must ensure that risks to workers are at an acceptable level, and aims to improve safety and health standards continuously at a workplace.

Jarah is one of the most highly experienced providers in the design, development, implementation, maintenance and compliance monitoring/auditing of Safety and Health Management Systems (SHMS). We ensure systems are compliant with country and industry legislation, guidance notes, and other regulatory requirements. Our expertise and focus on the organisational context is recognised and acknowledged both in Australia and overseas.

We are able to provide robust, sustainable and fit-for-purpose solutions, and work with our clients until they are able to sustain the system.

What sets us apart? We have a wealth of expertise working with Safety & Health Management Systems in a wide variety of industry sectors including mining, manufacturing, construction, and oil & gas and more.