Industrial Manslaughter [FREE WEBINAR]

Sorting myth from fact & explaining what you need to know.

In May 2020, new Industrial Manslaughter provisions were introduced into the Qld Coal Mining Safety & Health Act, under the Mineral and Energy Resources and Other Legislation Amendment Act 2020.

Learn what this means for you and your workplace?

Guest speaking on this topic is Elias Jeha, who was instrumental in the prosecution of a Brisbane company for Industrial Manslaughter over the death of a worker in 2017, the first successful industrial manslaughter prosecution in Queensland and Australia. Hear of how the Industrial Manslaughter provisions will impact on the Mining and Energy Sector and how fatalities are likely to be investigated.

If you are interested in attending a free public webinar, where you will have the rare opportunity to hear from someone with an intricate knowledge of the Industrial Manslaughter provisions that are now in force, please send us an expression of interest via the link below.

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